With the development of our business also expands the scope of services offered by us and our business area. All the currently available treatments can be found below along with the price list.

  • Arthroscopic treatment of knee ankle shoulder
  • hand microsurgery
  • PRP - platelet rich plasma - using as a carrier of platelet growth factors is a very effective method to stimulate the healing of tendon and ligament injuries. Application of the method is very safe because the place of healing condensate fraction is given the patient's own blood. The process of preparing the condensate allows for a very high concentration of bioactive substances that stimulate the healing process.
  • hallux
  • reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament
  • comprehensive treatment of injuries of the upper limbs and lower limbs.
The prices of our most popular treatments:
  • PRP - from 800 PLN
  • arthroscopy of the knee - from 4200zł
  • sewing meniscus - from 5000zł
  • cruciate ligament reconstruction - from 9000zł
  • halluxy bezgipsowo - from 5500zł
  • hand surgery - from 2800zł
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